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How to maintain the computer cutting machine

Release time:2021-09-16 Source:Julun Zhizao (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd

As a high-end panel furniture cutting equipment, the maintenance cost of computer cutting machine is quite high. In recent years, more and more furniture enterprises use computer cutting machine for panel furniture cutting, which is mainly due to its flexible function. It can not only cut straight lines, but also cut any complex curve and linear state, so as to realize the integration of punching, slotting and cutting. Generally, the machine works for more than ten hours every day, so the daily maintenance of the machine will have an important impact on the service life of the machine.
First of all: do a good job in rust prevention. Once the computer cutting machine is rusted, some parts will be aged, which will reduce the working efficiency of the computer cutting machine. Therefore, the equipment must be coated with antirust oil regularly to avoid rust.
Secondly: do a good job of dust removal: once the dust enters the parts of the computer cutting machine, it will cause great trouble to the equipment, affect the normal use of the equipment and affect the production efficiency. Therefore, in daily use, the machine table and the surface of the casing must be cleaned and cleaned.
Finally: do a good job in the lubrication of the transmission. During the operation of the equipment, if the transmission device of the equipment does not run smoothly, it will lead to uneven feeding of the equipment, affect the blanking quality and have a certain impact on industrial production. Therefore, it is very important to lubricate the transmission device in daily maintenance.

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